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 Jealousy - a sentiment which is born in love and which is produced by the fear that the loved person prefers someone else “
                                                                           —— Littré


Has anyone written a 2min fanfic about Minho seeing Taemin’s “Danger” video for the first time?
If so, I need to read it. Please send me a link.
If not, please someone do that.


You know , there is that perfect typical couple … With that non-so innocent sexy uke with a perfect super slender body and a beautiful face and that handsome drama-like possessive and H-24 horny seme… and you’re sitting there and you’re like ”yeah…so F*ing perfect, like it’s gonna be like that in…




I’m searching for a 2Min fanfic

It’s about Taemin dressed as a girl in a club, Minho thinks he’s a girl untill taemin undresses himself(in minho’s room) and minho caughts him



2min is that one ship that even though some may not ship it, everyone acknowledges it’s adorable